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Prepare for Your Appointment

Allow Adequate Time

  • Typically we will spend about an hour with 1-2 pets. For every additional pet, allow an additional 1/2 hour.
  • For convenience, you may remain with your pet(s) throughout the entire visit, or you may attend to other business within your home.

Make sure your pets are available

  • Be sure to have your pet(s) in an area where they will be easy to locate upon our arrival.

Select an examination area

  • You may choose a comfortable and spacious area in your home, or utilize our fully equipped mobile exam room.
  • If possible, find an area in your home with vinyl or hard surface floors with good lighting.

What to expect during our visit

A typical appointment includes the following steps.

  • Introduction to your pet(s) and discussion
  • Set up equipment
  • Physical examination of your pet
  • Additional diagnostics or services (EKG, blood pressure, lab work) as needed
  • Discussion of findings/diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Questions and follow-up plan/appointment
  • Invoicing and payment for services