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Home Pet Vet’s simple payment structure is as follows:

  • House call fee based on location
  • Examination fee per pet
  • Cost for medicines or other products needed

House Call Fee

Our house call fee ranges from $40 to $100 and is based on the distance traveled.

Examination Fee

Our examination fee is $57 for a complete physical exam. Most visits will require an exam to determine diagnosis and treatment protocols. Federal law prohibits us from prescribing any medication without a valid client-patient-doctor relationship. If a physical exam is not necessary, this fee will be waived.

Professional and Product Fees

Veterinary service professional fee and product fees will be based on number of pets examined and services provided, as well as medications or products needed.

We offer, multiple pets and multi-household (neighborhood-coordinated) discounts.

Get together with friends, relatives or neighbors in one home or within the immediate neighborhood for wellness care and share the house call fee!